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Peppermint Swirl Soap Bark

Peppermint Swirl Soap Bark

A sweet treat or a fun soap bar? Do not be tempted by this fun and festive soap bark it is not edible. This fun melt and pour craft is easy and simple to try this holiday season. As simple as melting and adding your fragrance and colourant this DIY is easy for begginers, and amazingly impressive! Try it at home today! 



Extras: Crushed up Candy Cane, spray bottle with 99% alcohol 


  • 4x6 Silicone Soap Loaf Mold (Any size will do that is rectangular) 

  • 2 Glass Measuring Cups 

  • Teaspoons 

  • Microwave

  • Tooth pick for swirl 

  • *Heat temp gun


    • Measure out your two soaps (Clear and White) 

    • Melt white soap in microwave in glass measuring cup first until 125-130°F 
    • Add 3-5 drops essential oil
    • Pour into silicone mold, allow to sit until top layer of soap starts to harden slightly
    • Spray with alcohol
    • NOTE* You do not want your soap to fully harden. You need soft enough soap to create swirl.
    • After 5-10 min. melt your clear soap
    • Add liquid dye until desired colour is reached 
    • TIP* Pour coloured soap from a high distance about the mold to force soap downward into white melt and pour soap
    • Once poured into mold, use tooth pick to swirl colour into soap 
    • While still wet, deorate using your fave Holiday Sprinkles and Candy Cane peices.
    • Allow to harden for upto 24 hours 
    • Un-mold and enjoy your fun new soap bar!


How to use the soap? 

Why not break your soap bark up and decorate the tops of fun bath bomb cupcakes with whipped topping? Or keep it whole and package and sell like a yummy chocolate bar! Be careful- these wont taste very good. 

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