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3D Printed Bath Bomb Molds

3D printed bath bomb molds are the best way to make your own unique 3-dimensional bath bombs. To many people, 3D molds are the best for bath bombs. That’s because they press two sides together giving you a bath bomb with designs on all sides. Not only that, 3d printed molds are quick to use because they don’t need to sit in the mold or dry in the mold before being released. 

Fizz Fairy Krazycolours supplies a huge collection of bath bomb molds shapes to help you create the perfect bath bomb no matter the occasion. If you’re looking for holiday bath bomb molds, cute bath bomb molds, or even scary bath bomb molds we have something for you.

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If we don’t already have what you’re looking for, send us an inquiry for 3D custom bath bomb molds and let us help you design your own bath bomb mold. Find your perfect, unique bath bomb molds at Fizz Fairy.

3D Printed Bath Bomb Molds


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