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Coastal Watermelon Body Butter Recipe

Coastal Watermelon Body Butter Recipe

How to make coastal watermelon body butter.

Step 1- Place the body butter base into the microwave and heat in 30 second intervals until the base reaches around 50-60 degrees celsius or (130 Fahrenheit)


Step 2- Mix well and ensure the temperature is between 50-60 degrees celsius or (130 Fahrenheit)This will ensure that the base won't separate.


Step 3- Add your Coastal Watermelon fragrance oil and any other additives you may want to use. We used fizz Fairy's Pretty in pink mica (just a pinch) and Maxima white Shimmer (just a pinch).


I made this and OMG it smells so good. I love how your body has a some of the glitter. I am so happy I came across your website.

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