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Luxurious Coconut Body Scrub Bars

Luxurious Coconut Body Scrub Bars

25 grams Mango Butter
25 grams raw Coconut Oil (solid at room temperature)
25 grams stearic acid
25 grams coconut oil (liquid at room temperature)
25 grams fragrance oil
.5 grams of preservative
25 grams baking soda
25 grams citric acid
50 grams SLSA 
200 grams exfoliate (Epsom salt, Sugar, or your choice of exfoliate) * We used both Epsom salt and sugar combined to create a nice exfoliant) 

Note: You don't have to follow the recipe exactly. Make changes as you see fit. Just know that doing so may alter the final body scrub. The butter and raw coconut oil are the base for the scrub bars. Use any butter that you want. The stearic acid makes the bars firm. The only necessary dry ingredient is the exfoliate. All other dry ingredients are optional.

Directions: Sieve dry ingredients together first. Melt butter, raw coconut oil, & stearic acid together (use preferred heating method). Add coconut oil. Cool liquid to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and add fragrance oil of choice. Allow to cool and add your preservative. Add in your dry ingredients and mix well. Add scrub mixture to molds. Pack the mixture well to make it compact and flatten the tops. Freeze scrub bars until they are frozen solid, this helps makes it easy to unmold.  After unmolding the bars, allow them to sit and become room temperature. Then they're ready to package and to use!

To use: Wet skin liberally then rub bar thoroughly on skin to exfoliate. You'll notice a light fluffy blanket of foam that's very easy to rinse off leaving skin feeling soft and exfoliated. 

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