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Professional Soap-Making Supplies

Want to start concocting your own soap or bath bomb creations but unsure how to get started? Begin your customized soap-making process by browsing some of Fizz Fairy's own collection of bath bomb and soap-making supplies. This top-of-the-line selection of products can help you create your own professional bath bombs and soaps at home. Unlike other DIY soap-making formulas, Fizz Fairy provides premium soap-making ingredients that guarantee long-lasting and sweet-smelling bath supplies. Our premium and professional soap-making supplies offer the best quality of fragrances, molds, and colours to choose from. Mix and match different aromas and blend these scents to a customized mold with a show-stopping colour. Fizz Fairy's products will make creating your own unique bath bombs and supplies simple. 

For use in any professional bath bomb recipe or soap recipe, shop our professional soap-making supplies.

fizz fairy soap making supplies


Jojoba Oil Clear
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Body Butter Base
From $23.00
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Mango Butter
From $29.00
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Soap Noodles
From $6.00
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Menthol Crystals
From $36.00
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Polysorbate 80
From $29.00