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Quick & Easy: How to make foaming hand soap

Quick & Easy: How to make foaming hand soap

If you've thought about to how to make your own foaming hand soap, you probably didn't realise just how simple it can be. You also might not have realised that it's pretty much watered down soap. That's because 3/4 of the bottle will be filled with water and just 2 tablespoons of soap is added!

The reason is because all of the magic happens in the foaming pump, where your soap and water combination is vigorously mixed into a thick, lathering foam.

That said, foaming hand soap can be one of the best products to turn a profit due to the small amount of ingredients needed to fill a bottle. Just be sure to use foaming hand pumps or your mixture won't turn into foam!

Read more to find out how you can quickly make a batch of foaming hand soap without spending too much.

foaming hand soapfoaming hand soap pump bottle

Makes: (1) 8.5oz (250ml) bottle. Scale up with as many bottles as needed. 




    1. Clean and disinfect the hand soap bottle, then pour the distilled water into the bottle
    2. Add the 2 Tbsp of Liquid Castille Soap.
    3. Add your few drops of Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil in accordance to their usage rates.*
    4. Add in your 1 tsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil.
    5. Add in a drop of liquid Krazy dye at a time until you acheive the colour you want
    6. Secure the foaming pump into its bottle and shake for up to a minute to fully mix.

Just like that you've created your own foaming hand soap without any fancy tools or difficult processes. You can choose any fragrance and color you'd like to make a foaming hand soap for any occasion!

One of my personal favourites for winter is Winter Candy Apple fragrance with Pomme Rouge liquid Krazy dye (which I used in the example photo.) It's sure to get compliments.

For summer, I love the freshness of Cucumber Melon fragrance with a few drops of Apple Green liquid krazy dye to get a light green tone. When in doubt, our Lush fragrance line is full of fresh, familiar scents that go incredible in any soap. Either way, your options are almost endless with over 100 fragrances to choose from and a big list of ready-to-use liquid dyes.

*Usage rates can be found on the product page for each fragrance.


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