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Quick and Easy: Exfoliating Hemp and Pumice Scrub Bar Recipe

Quick and Easy: Exfoliating Hemp and Pumice Scrub Bar Recipe

Combine the moisturizing benefits of hemp soap with the exfoliating power of pumice to create the ultimate exfoliating scrub bar. Perfect for the shower, in the workshop, or by the kitchen sink.

Hemp Oil soap is known to be loaded with good Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which nourish, moisturize and help repair the skin on a cellular level. Hemp Oil soap won't strip your skin of it's natural oils, leaving it feeling hydrated and moisturized after washing. 

Pumice powder is praised for its excellent exfoliating abilities while not being abrasive to the skin like salts or other exfoliants can be. This is due to the fact that pumice powder is an extremely fine but strong mineral caused by the explosions of lava from the eruption of a volcano! This also means pumice powder, or pumicite, is a naturally occuring and environmentally friendly exoliant. The best of both worlds. 

In this recipe, we quickly whisk in our mica color with our melted soap base. Still whisking, we quickly add our fragrance and pumice powder to fully combine. Finally, while the soap is still hot we'll pour it into our molds.




Hemp Melt & Pour Soap Base - 500g (Melts down to approx. 2 cups liquid)

Pumice Powder - 100g

Premium Fragrance Oil OR Essential Oil - 5g*

Mica Powder - 1tsp.

*Fragrance usage rates vary by fragrance. Please refer to the relevant fragrance page for information on usage for your chosen fragrance.

How to Make Exfoliating Pumice and Hemp Scrub Bars

1. Weigh your Hemp Melt & Pour Soap Base into a heat-safe glass measuring cup while cutting it into 1-inch cubes. Microwave (or double-boil) the Hemp Melt & Pour Soap Base until it's fully melted, but don't overheat it. 

hemp melt and pour soap base in a measuring glassmelted hemp melt and pour soap

2. As soon as your soap is fully melted, remove it from heat, add your Mica Powder and whisk consistantly until all of the powder is incorporated. I combined Green Grape Mica with Fine Satin Gold Shimmer Glitter Mica to get a sparkly, rich hemp color.

mica color powder in hemp melt and pour soap basehemp melt and pour dsoap base colored with mica powder

3. While continuing to stir, quickly add your fragrance or Essential oil and then your Pumice Powder. Continue stiring to fully blend all components into a smooth mixture.

mixing pumice powder into hemp melt and pour soap basefully mixed pumice powder with hemp melt and pour soap base

4. Moving quickly to not allow the mixture to cool, carefully pour your exfoliating scrub into your rectangular silicone soap molds. This recipe filled one of these molds perfectly.

pouring hemp and pumice scrub bar mix into a silicone moldhemp melt and pour mix cooling in a silicone mold

5. Optionally, you can spray the top with isopropyl alcohol to clear some of the bubbles.

6. Allow your Exfoliating Hemp and Pumice bars to completely cool and set in their molds. When they're ready they should come cleanly out of the mold.

solid bar of hemp and pumice scrub bar

7. Trim off any foam from the top and cut your Hemp and Pumice Scrub Bars into your desired size using a Deluxe Acrylic Soap Slicer. I cut mine into six 2.25 inch wide squares using my soap slicer.

trimmed hemp and pumice scrub barevenly cut bars or hemp and pumice scrub bar

These bars are great for in the shower for exoliating and cleansing your feet. You can even use them to scrub your body, leaving skin feeling smooth, moisturized and clean thanks to the amazing benefits of Hemp soap and Pumice Powder

They can also be used as hand scrub bars to powerfully lift grime and dirt, while gently cleansing and moisturizing your hands or feet. Perfect for in the workshop or after a day of gardening.

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