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Pink Lemonade M&P Soap Bars

Pink Lemonade M&P Soap Bars

How to make Pink Lemonade M&P Soap Bars


Extras: Decorative Paper Straws


  • Protective gloves, mask, eyewear, hairnet
  • 3 Glass Measuring Cups
  • Sharp Knife 
  • Digital scale/Measuring spoons
  • Spray Bottle with Alcohol 


  1. Make your soap embeds first. Melt 6 Oz of cut up clear M&P soap with 0.10 Grams white M&P Soap Base in a glass measuring cup. Melt in microwave- pour into Mini Cube Tray for Ice Cubes. Let Harden.
  2. Second, melt 6 Oz of cut up clear M&P Soap in glass measuring cup. Once melted add Yellow Submarine Mica. Pour into Lemon/Lime silicone molds and let harden.
  3. Take your remaining 28 Oz Clear M&P Soap and melt- watch not to get the soap base too hot. Stir every 30-40 second while microwaving. 
  4. While waiting for your soap to melt, you can now mix your fragrance oil with the stabilizer if needed. Mix well and let sit for 2 minutes. 
  5. Once your soap has melted, let it cool to 120°F (49°C) before adding your fragrance oil. Add your Hot Pink Diva Liquid Krazy Dye now as well. 
  6. Pour a small amount of your pink soap base into your silicone loaf pan (just enough to cover the bottom)
  7. Place in your paper straws- Place them approx 1" apart. Let this layer harden.
  8. Spray loaf with alcohol and pour next layer. Grab a handful of 'ice cubes' and spray with alcohol, place into soap. 
  9. Spray layer again with alcohol and pour more soap. This time adding both your Lemon slices and ice cubes. Remember to spray with alcohol before dropping them into the soap. 
  10. Continue with one more layer if permitting following steps above. 
  11. Leave yourself enough lemon slices to decorate the top layer and place a slice inline with each straw. 
  12. Allow Lemonade Soap Loaf to fully harden
  13. Slice & Enjoy!



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