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Multicoloured Fluffy Whipped Soap

Multicoloured Fluffy Whipped Soap



  • Protective gloves, hairnet
  • Electric hand mixer/ stand mixer
  • Scale
  • Measuring spoons (Tbsp)
  • Glass container/measuring cup 
  • Plastic wrap
  • Piping bags (Disposable) 
  • Piping bag, Large
  • Pipting Tip
  • 4 Oz Jars X5


  1. Scale your foaming bath whip into your stainless steel mixing bowl
  2. Measure 1 tbsp of kaoilin clay and add to foaming bath whip.
  3. Whip for 60 seconds, or until your mixture is holding a stiff peak
  4. Slowly add your pre measured liquid oils while mixing on a low-medium speed (3-4). *Make sure to melt coconut oil.
  5. Whip for approx 60 seconds again. 
  6. Divide your mixture into however many portions depending on how many colours you are using
  7. Individually, mix each portion of foaming bath whip with the chosen colour. * LIQUID KRAZY DYE IS VERY POWERFUL- START WITH 1 DROP (LESS THAN 1TSP) OF DYE)* I do this step using the stand mixer and wash my tools in between each colour to make sure my colour is evenly dispursed. 
  8. After each colour is mixed, scoop into individual (disposable) piping bag. 
  9. Lay down a piece of plastic wrap, then pipe your whipped soap lengthwise onto it. Once done, roll your whipped soap carefully and cut off the end of the roll.
  10. Place roll into a larger piping bag with your chosen piping tip
  11. Pipe into your containers
  12. Enjoy!


I love your colors, they are so nice. We can do so many other colors with a couple of colors. Thank you. I am very satisfied with everything the products, the shipping and everything that comes with it.

Jojo (Jocelyne)

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