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A Clean Take on Fragrance Oils

A Clean Take on Fragrance Oils

There always seems to be a debate on whether or not fragrance oils are superior to natural essential oils, or vice versa. To me, it all depends on what you and your brand are looking to achieve. Do you want to be able to market your products to a more natural client base? Or are you looking to stand out of the crowd using different and unique scents. It is no surprise that when you dive into the world of synthetic fragrance oils the world becomes a much better smelling place. At Fizz Fairy, we proudly supply a variety of synthetic and natural essential oils for you to choose from, no matter what your style is, we're here for you. 

Our premium fragrance oils are just that- premium. Most of our fragrances at Fizz Fairy are a blend of both synthetic oils and natural oils. While synthetic fragrance oils are produced primarily from natural materials to begin with, they have a much longer shelf life than natural oils. When the synthetic oil is enhanced with natural oils, you achieve a premium product that delivers the best, longest lasting scent in your products. 

Concerned about Phthalates? Up until recently, phthalates were used widely in a variety of products, including fragrance oils. Their main purpose in fragrance oils is to dissolve raw materials. With new research, science suggests that staying away from phthalates is probably a good idea. Fizz Fairy plans to stock only phthalate free fragrance oils in the future. Not sure if the fragrance you want to purchase is phthalate free? Check the fragrance description for full details.

Let’s face it, if you make products to sell and turn a profit on then cost is important. When looking at purchasing essential oils it is obvious that they are significantly more expensive. This is because of the extended time it takes to extract and manufacture the end product. The more cost effective option of course is fragrance oils. Fragrance oils take a fraction of the time to create, and are luckily a fraction of the cost of essential oils.

What's the bottom line? Neither product can be labelled as ‘better’ than the other. Remembering that both options can offer a variety of benefits to you as a business owner and to your customers is important. Both fragrance oils and essential oils are safe for use in your products, so do what feels right to you!

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