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Eco C3 Soy Wax - Candle Wax


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Eco C3 Soy Wax is the perfect base for candle makers to create a wide range of scented candles. This wax burns at a lower temperature than most candle waxes and will result in a longer, brighter, and more even burning candle. This wax carries scents very well and gives you increased range and flexibilty.

Eco C3 Soya Wax is bio-degradable & produced naturally using NON GMO Soyabean oil.

This wax is perfect for maintaing smooth burn for candles in glass jars and other containers. Due to the lower melting point it's not ideal for melts or candle sticks as heat can mishape the wax.

INCI Name % Inclusion CAS Number
Glycine Soja Oil 80 8001-22-7
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil 20  68334-28-1


  • Appearance: WAXY FLAKES
  • Colour:  IVORY - WHITE
  • Flash Point: (°C) >280°C.
  • Melting Point: (°C) 58.0 – 70.0
  • Boiling Point: (°C) >100°C.
  • Solubility in Water: @ 20°C INSOLUBLE.