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Valentines Day Soap Roses

Valentines Day Soap Roses

The perfect Valentines Day soap that is easy for all ages! The beauty in this soap is that you can easily personalize it in colour, shape and scent. Build a bouquet, or create individual roses to top your soap loafs, or sell as delicate individual soap flowers. Easily melt and pour petals into all different shapes and sizes to make interesting and unique flowers for your Valentine! Follow along in a few easy steps to create your own! 

Yields: 3-6 Roses per 200gr soap (Depending how large the roses you make are)


What you need: 

  • Glass Measuring Cups 
  • Pipette for dropping fragrance and liquid dye (If you dont have this, use a teaspoon to assist in adding your liquids to melted soap) 
  • Parchment Paper 
  • Spoon, or large popsicle stick 


  1. Melt 100-200gr melt and pour soap in microwave in 30 second burst. 
  2. Once fully melted, add 5-10 drops fragrance oil, add 2-6 drops liquid Krazy Dye 
  3. Use popsicle stick or spoon to create petals on the parchment paper 
  4. Make organic petal shapes, round, oval and triangular are all great. 
  5. Let soap sit for 1-2 min until hardened. 
  6. Begin to create flower by rolling one piece of soap tightly to create inner part of rose. 
  7. Continue to build and add more petals. To adhere the petals together use the warmth of your fingers to press the petals into each other. 
  8. We recommend pinching the flower into a "V" shape as you go, to help maintain a natural rose shape.


  • Creating thinner petals helped when forming the flowers. 
  • Be patient! It may take a few practice flowers to get in the groove. 
  • Build upward on your flower so the center of your flower doesn't poke out too much, 
  • Remember, every flower is different! 

White melt and pour example ^

Clear melt and pour example ^

Make petals by smearing melted soap onto parchment paper. We found the thinner the soap, the easier to manipulate when building your rose. 

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