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Lush Massage Bar Dupe

Lush Massage Bar Dupe

Who doesnt love a great dupe! Lush is one of my all time favourite places to go and indulge in beautifully created products. One of my first Lush purchases was the Wiccy Magic Massage Bar, and let me tell you I've always adored this bar. The perfect blend of peppermint and cinnamon leaf is to die for, not to mention the fun beans added for extra massaging power! I'll admit I will be back for Lush Dream Cream and Lip Scrubs but now that I have the perfect dupe I wont have to re-purchase this bar! 


Measure out

Yeilds 3 2Oz Bars

Melt your Shea butter, beeswax and cocoabutter on a double boiler (10-15min)

Add Mango Butter and melt again

Once melted, remove from heat. Add Jojoba oil and essential oil blend. 

Place beans in the bottom of your mold. I used a 2 Oz Puck shaped mold.

Pour melted butters over beans gently to not move the beans. 

Let harden for up to 12 Hours

Enjoy! .


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